The Virtual Counter-Insider Threat (C-InT) Social & Behavioral Science (SBS) Summit 2022

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The Threat Lab and the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF) are proud to welcome you to the third annual Virtual C-InT SBS Summit. Join other C-InT Community of Practice professionals for 30 days of inspirational keynote sessions, informative webcasts, and in-depth looks at hot topics related to Cognitive Immunity relevant to Counter-Insider Threat professionals’ efforts to detect, mitigate, and prevent concerning behavior. To learn more about Cognitive Immunity, view the foundational videos below.

The Virtual C-InT SBS Summit, a 30-day virtual education, awareness, and training event, is our contribution to National Insider Threat Awareness Month.

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Did you miss the prior summits? By registering for the 2022 Virtual C-InT Summit, you will gain access to all of the content from the 2020 and 2021 C-InT SBS Summits!

Foundational Videos

These foundational videos dive deeper into key concepts presented throughout the Summit.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Defense, or the US Government.

Defining Cognitive Immunity (10 min)

Mr. Mark Frauenfelder | Institute for the Future

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Additional Resources

Defining Inoculation Theory (8 min)

Dr. Kurt Braddock | American University

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Defining Digital Deception (4 min)

Dr. Jessica Baweja | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Our Summit Mission

The C-InT SBS Summit was designed to share knowledge, strengthen relationships across the global C-InT Community of Practice, and integrate research into operations through delivery of relevant artifacts.

Making Connections

This unique, virtual Summit created meaningful matchups among many stakeholders, including government, industry, and academia professionals interested in the Counter-Insider Threat mission.

Why Was the C-InT SBS Summit Created?

The Defense Personnel and Security Research Center’s (PERSEREC) The Threat Lab, in partnership with DoD’s Counter-Insider Threat Program and the National Insider Threat Task Force, launched the first Virtual C-InT SBS Summit in 2020 as a way to highlight the important role social and behavioral sciences play in the C-InT mission space.

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Summit Attendees Will


Learn about cutting-edge research, best practices, and case studies from presenters across the community.


Engage with professionals across the country and the world in a safe, far-reaching virtual environment.


Advance their Counter-Insider Threat Program from a compliance-based requirement to a workforce protection program.


Develop their thinking about how a Counter-Insider Threat Program may enable business rather than slow it down.

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